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    Vỏ Case Segotep Gank 5 (Black/ Full ATX)
    SKU: 048851

    Vỏ Case Segotep Gank 5 (Black/ Full ATX)

    1.050.000 đ
    Vỏ Case Segotep Gank 5 (Black/ Full ATX)
    Giá bán 1.050.000 đ
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    Thông số sản phẩm
    Panel InterfaceUSB*2+USB3.0*1+HD AUDIO
    Cooling SystemFront:12/14cm*3(support 240mm water-cooling); Top:12/14cm*2(support 240mm water-cooling);Rear:12cm*1;PSU Cover:12cm*2;
    Product Size (Length, Width and Height)413*219*485mm
    Applicable MotherboardsATX
    Expansion slot7
    Drive RackBottom:3.5”HDD*2,or 2.5”SSD*1+3.5”HDD*1;Internal:2.5”SSD*3
    Power supply modelMaximum PSU Length:190mm
    CPU HeightMaximum CPU Cooler Height: 162mm
    Graphics card lengthMaximum GPU Length:300mm(240mm water-cooling on the front panel);330m(fan on the front panel)